Not What I was Hoping

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I am not going to summarize because I am not quite sure how to sum up this book. I can tell you that this story is largely centered around very complicated teenage girl dynamics. The writer's style was very engaging. I found myself gripped throughout the book and had a hard time putting it down. I enjoyed getting multiple perspectives on the same event and all of the voices were similar but unique. I thought them being similar showed the girls were way more in common than they themselves believed. This book also tackled a number of issues surrounding race, gender, women's issues, addiction, etc. but I really felt it's attempt at even mentioning mental health was pretty subpar. I thought there were a lot of opportunities to make a comment (of any kind really) about mental health throughout this book, especially given the number of other comments made, and those opportunities weren't taken. And despite being enthralled with the book pretty much throughout, when I found out "whodunnit" and why, I was wildly disappointed. Maybe it was supposed to seem like a ridiculously shallow reason, but I didn't like it at all and found it pretty off-putting.