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They’ll Never Catch Us was one of my most anticipated YA reads of the year. I’m so happy to say that she 👏🏼DID👏🏼NOT👏🏼DISAPPOINT!

Last year I read, They Wish They Were Us and really enjoyed it.

With a town full of unsolved mysteries, along with its typical high school drama, you will be addicted to reading this one.

Although this one was more predictable then the last, it was still a great book, with a very well written characters and a solid story-line between two sisters and their passion to run and be the best runners Edgewater has ever seen.

There was a part that I didn’t see coming at all and I think that helped change direction in which was the story was going and because of that it actually threw me off as reader and my prior prediction.

Just know when reading this one, when it comes to down to the Steckler sisters, you never truly know what you’re going to get.

If you enjoy Youth Adult books like me, please check this author out!!

She got extra points as an author for me when she included my girl Britney song in a part towards the end of the book