Feminist Thriller

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This coming-of-age thriller was an amazing ride. One thing I really loved was the short chapters; it made it really easy to keep reading and really hard to put this book down. In fact, I blame this book for probably two nights where I didn't get nearly enough sleep.

This was a strong feminist novel that talks about women's sports and girls being comfortable in their own bodies at an age when they're always being criticized. I loved reading this because it hit home.

A classic story of unsolved murders in a small town. Two sisters only a year apart in school but with very different personalities. When Mila comes into town, they both see her as a threat in Cross Country and team up. I was friends with a ton of Cross Country kids in high school, so all the sports talk was both nostalgic and a little boring for me after hearing so much of it, but it wasn't enough that it detracted from the main point of the story.

There are some trigger warnings you might want to know before you read this book. I suggest looking them up before diving in.