Compelling Story of Sisters

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First of all, I was super excited to win this copy of Jessica Goodman's new book via BookishFirst.

I always love Jessica Goodman's books. She always writes mysteries that will have you thibking. This one is no different. As with Jessica Goodman's previous book, They Wish They Were Us, They'll Never Catch Us was a great example of character study. I found both of the sisters point of views to be very compelling. As the story went on and a new teammate was missing, I was unsure of which sister may have caused it. I always find characters who enjoy running to be really interesting. It's always been an activity I wish I were better at. Ha. I loved seeing the dedication they had to the sport. Especially with how far they would take their dedication.

I loved the twistiness of the mystery and seeing what the other characters thought of the sisters. Another must-buy.