There's tension brewing in this competitve team!

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It's been a decade since 3 cross-country runners were brutally murdered, their cases never solved. But top on our main characters' minds is the upcoming race season and securing college scholarships... it's competitive. Not to mention the fact that these sisters are competing, and their parents are super involved in their athletic careers. Talk about stressful.

Dual POVs are always great as the reader gets to piece together information that's being withheld by the other. The sibling bond and rivalry that's typical yet somehow heightened by their parents. Ella is easy to love, while Stella is.. less than. There are allusions to bad behavior that cost a scholarship and I'm intrigued to find out more about the past.

I was a little disappointed that the excerpt is largely about the interpersonal drama between members of the cross country team. Not bad, but I was in the mood for diving into a thriller a bit sooner if that makes sense. It's fast paced and engaging to read, and as a former track athlete I appreciate a book surrounding runners. I just wish I'd gotten a taste of what's brewing.