Always A Good Thriller When Jessica Goodman Is Involved

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I absolutely loved Goodman's previous novel, They Wish They Were Us with dealing with privilege, pressure and wanting to do better. The mystery kept me flying through pages. I'm also a bit in love with the continuing title theme in "They'll " Never Catch "Us".

All eyes are on two determined sisters when a new stufent athlete comes to this small town. This gives me huge All Eyes On Her by L. E. Flynn, another one of my favorite thriller authors who focus on girls and how they're seen.

I'm always a bit enthralled when siblings meet a new person and seeing how that affects their relationship. There's definitely the question "Did one of the girls murder Mila? Does Mila have her own plan going on? How far will you go to be the best? Would you let your sister take the fall for you?"

Jessica's thrillers always seem to have these overarching themes of perfection and the cost of it. Like They Wish They Were Us, our leads are very grey and I cannot wait to see more of them.