Prophetic and still Unreliable

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I was surprised on how much I liked this book! It is a rather short - only 250 some pages. This makes it a quick read but still enjoyable. I like the world building! Its magical realism done in a way I like. Magic is part of the world, something you can study or apprentice in. Tabatha is a likeable, possibly unreliable character thrown into an intriguing mystery when her prophetic boss predicts his death by murder. There is an array of people who could've done it, most of them related to said victim. Tabatha is tasked with staying close to Callum, the son of the deceased. Everything goes haywire when Tabatha is named the magical heir to Sorcerer Solomons estate.

With this novel being so quick, I was worried about plot and characters, but they were solid. The plot held they mystery pretty well, but by the end it felt right on hoe the murder happened. The romance was light but effective and enjoyable. I liked Callum and Tabatha together. All in all, I enjoyed this quick, fun read!