Intriguing Murder Mystery

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An intriguing murder mystery about an apprentice who has to hunt down the killer of her mentor Sorcerer, all while learning family is complicated.

I liked how short this story was, as it made the plot move faster. However, there were times when the pacing lagged, which was frustrating. I really wish that we actually got to see Tabatha do magic, since she is learning how to to be a Sorcerer, I kinda thought we'd see her do more magic. In fact the magic was mostly done by Julian's children, which were really the main characters, as Tabatha felt more like a vehicle to tell the story than an actual character. The author spent a lot of time explaining about the complex family dynamics, but we barely saw Tabatha's relationship with Julian. The whole plot felt a lot like an imitation of The Inheritance Games, but with magic. The writing style kept pulling me out of the story. I liked this one, but it wasn't my favorite.