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Tabatha Zeng didn't realize that being an apprentice to one of the most famous sorcerers would include solving crime. But when her boss, Sorcerer Solomon, predicts his own death - and it comes true - Tabatha finds herself caught in the middle.

Callum Solomon, her boss's youngest son is the main suspect the police have their sights set on. With suspicion swirling around both Callum and Tabatha, the pair decide to team up and find the real killer to clear their own names.

However, when the suspect list is filled with the most rich, connected, and magical members of Sorcerer Solomon's family, solving a murder isn't that easy. And Tabatha can't ignore the nagging voice in her head asking how much she can really trust Callum.

Nothing is as it seems in this quick-witted and fantastical murder mystery.

I was a little nervous about this one at first because I don't usually enjoy the fantasy genre but figured I would give it a try since it had a mystery aspect to it. I was happily surprised at how much I enjoyed it. The suspense was good and had decent twists & turns.