so sad

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this book, im just gonna say, had me sobbing. it was so sad, it hit me so hard. it gave me so much damage, i just wanna say, if you are in a really, really really really bad mental state you shound not read this. but there were other good parts to the book for sure, like there was some happiness, like taylor swifts song, and it made me put on taylor swift while i read it, wow it made me such an emotional wreck, supercalifragilistic oh my. but its no where near as good as beach read, or vow of theives which made me sob harder than this book. if you liked this, you should also read tell me three things, by julie buxbaum, its just a little more happier than this like olivia rodrigos song, in her album sour. and btw happiness by taylor swift is in evermore. you should listen to it while you read this. im gonna ask santa for this book for christmas, so i can have two copies cause i love it sm.