The Wrong Kind of Weird

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I wasn't too sure about reading this book to be honest. Knew it would be a hit or a miss and i did enter the giveaway (from what i recall) though because i would have read it, just wasn't going to go out of my way to do so. Especially because this was not on netgalley where i get most books i'm able to review on here and just where i get most of my books in general.

I would highly recommend this to any teen or middle age reader! Lots of teen drama, romances and embarrassing situations lol. I do admit however, this is not a book i'd read again but mostly because there wouldn't be a need to not bc i disliked it. I do really like the cover though so i could have easily found myself reading this book on my own (without having heard of it prior). The characters and story was great, if people wrote more sequels to books like this i would certainly read series with characters like this!