Now I Wanna Watch Dragon Ball Z...

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I have never before read a book where the main character’s nerdiness feels so realistic.

That’s one of my favorite things about The Wrong Kind of Weird. How our main character, Cameron, is in love with Dragon Ball, and how it comes up in every aspect of his life. Even though I grew up watching anime, I was never interested enough in the idea of Dragon Ball to watch it, but this book had me really considering whether I should pick it up solely because Cameron loves it so much.

I also really liked how this book balances being so nerdy while also trying to relate to readers who may not be as in the know of these things. A lot of references are casually mentioned, but also explained well enough for readers who don’t understand to pick up on what this book is talking about. At no point does it feel like this book is trying too hard to relate to both sets of people, easily bridging the gap between otakus and non-otakus.

As someone who really likes banter, I also really enjoyed the relationship between Cameron and Mackenzie, one of his love interests. They had the perfect amount of snark for each other for me to immediately go “oh, I like this girl” and really care for seeing their story play out.

But one of the biggest things I liked about this book was the lesson. Throughout the story, Cameron learns that everyone is a little weird. Everyone has something they’re a big fan of that may not be universally liked, and that “being popular” and having friends isn’t so much not being weird, but rather being confident and unapologetic in who you are.

This is definitely a book I will be recommending to a large variety of people!