Not YA in my opinion.

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Many thoughts about this book. I think when I first did my first impression that I rates the cover as acceptable. However, the more I look at it, the more atrocious it is. I do not know why the new theme for book covers is "cartoon " but I just do not dig it, at all. The color choice also didn't help. Now, the plot was kind of not suitable for a young adult, I think this would have been better if it were written to appeal to new age or college romance. But there is also a new theme where shock value for teens really help sell a book. I also am not sure as to why we need to know that the author is non binary?? It doesn't seem relevant and I know they usually have a short bio for the writers on the flap of books....but I don't see why that snippet is relevant. As I am not picking out books based on anything other than the synopsis or blurb. Its really a turn off. Upon first glance, If I were to come across this in the store, I would not buy it based on the visual of the cover and bio alone.