Love triangle

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"The Wrong Kind of Weird" is about Cameron, who's a nerdy guy, Karla, who's the most popular girl in school, and Mackenzie, who doesn't quite fit in with anyone. Cameron and Karla are in a secret relationship. Cameron and Mackenzie have a hate-at-first sight relationship, despite having similar interests. It's a love triangle.

The story opens with a character saying, "It's a simple, undeniable truth... if you watch dubbed anime instead of subbed anime, you are garbage." So. I pretty much knew what I was getting into here on that front. There was a lot of cringe, but it was a good kind of cringe? Like I was that cringe teenager once. I only wish there was less referencing media for the sake of referencing. Anime, mostly, but the author doesn't spare popular films and books. I feel like I would've been more interested if they mentioned a single title I hadn't already watched/read/heard of. Also not sure why we needed an entire paragraph dedicated to describing the plot of Dragon Ball.

Aside from that, I was hoping the story would be more about deconstructing the idea of a school hierarchy, and I thought it would be a lot more queer than it was. As is, it's a story about a guy deciding between two girls--the popular one who's in a different world than him, and the one he starts to get along with because they love the same things. It just didn't progress in a very interesting way, and I felt like Cameron and Mackenzie's bond was kind of shallow.

I'm sure the target audience will have a different perspective on this one.