It has love triangle and I enjoyed it!

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A YA love triangle story that successfully interwove Dragon Ball & Jane Austen references within 300+ pages, The Wrong Kind Of Weird is an amazing novel that is definitely for the people who reads books with fun writing style, amazing character development, and conflicting point of views.

In this YA novel, we follow Cameron Carson (a certified nerd and geek) who is having his quiet time of his life in high school. Cameron's romantic affiliations is conflicted because

1. He has a secret affair with BOHS' resident best girl Karla; and

2. He's starting to develop a crush with his fellow geek MacKenzie.

Even though this book is targeted for a much younger audience than me, I believe that there are lessons that you'll still learn from reading this book.

Funny and refreshing, this is a novel that made me enjoy the love triangle trope (which I loathe btw.)