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I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It was not exactly what I was expecting but that's not always a bad thing and in this case it definitely wasn't a bad thing. I think the author knocked it out of the park. I think this might be her first book? But I could be wrong. Either way, I was very impressed with the writing with the plot line and with just how well the characters went together. It had me wanting more and I wouldn't mind seeing some of the side characters get their own stories to be honest with you. All in all I would say very worth my time reading and I would pick up another book by this author any day and I hope I have the chance to in the future.

The cover I really like, although it was a little bit bright for my normal book covers but definitely stands out on my shelf which is awesome because who doesn't want to book that draws people's eyes to it. Isn't that the whole point of a good cover?