Pretty certain I'm the 5th member of G.A.N.U.

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Cover first - after reading the synopsis I was pretty certain the blond on the cover was Mackenzie Briggs, and Karla Ortega was the curly haired one just based off the names. I don't know very many blond Ortegas but of course I'm primarily thinking of the adorable Jenna Ortega. (Wednesday Addam's anyone?!) Then we have the last name Briggs. Briggs is the last name of Jarryd "Wasp" Brigg's (Halo), and then there is the Brigg's family from Mortal Kombat... Sergeant Jacqueline Sonya "Jacqui" Briggs and her father, Jax Briggs, all of whom are of African descent, so maybe I didn't put too much thought into that... Anyway, that is why I thought the way I did about the characters on the cover. Gotta say, I'm getting some "marvelous" vibes with the protagonist's name having alliteration like Stan Lee's comic book characters. See? What'd I tell you? Fifth member of G.A.N.U. ;)

I clearly enjoyed the character and film references that were mentioned in the first look! I would definitely agree with Jocelyn that Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind is a Studio Ghibli film! Hayao Miyazaki wrote that story and is literally one of the three of founding members of the studio, so not to include it is just rude. Anway, back to the other parts of the first look... I really enjoy the snarky banter between the characters! Our protagonist is a smart @ss and I love it!! And, good for him telling that girl he wants to think about it! I get it man, if you're not in a real relationship why would you want to get to more intimate with someone who wants to keep you a secret?

I enjoyed the first look and I SO hope the rest of the book is sprinkled with the nerdy, geeky references because this girl is HERE FOR IT! I'd love to see how the relationship between Cameron and Mackenzie develop considering the um... rivalry? between Cameron and her brother. I'm predicting that they end up finding out they have a lot more in common and fall head over heels for each other and that Karla has regrets and is sad... or something like that because I love the idea of two nerdy teens falling geekily in love <3 /insert heart- shaped-eyes smiling emoji here.