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I first got a glimpse of this book on BookishFirst and immediately knew that I needed it! Unfortunately, I did not win a copy, but I was gifted one! I finished this book in half a day, it was so exciting!

The Woods Are Always Watching feels like a movie. Best friends Josie and Neena have just graduated high school and are about to set off on different paths for college - Neena to LA, while Josie stays behind in Asheville. Desperate to do something crazy and spontaneous before Neena leaves her, Josie suggests a hiking trip. The only problem? The girls haven’t been hiking before, especially not alone. With help and supplies from Josie’s older brother, Win, they plan a 3 day trek. It’ll be easy enough, right?

Wrong. Anything and everything that could possibly go wrong, does. The girls are ill equipped for a hike of this magnitude, and they eventually turn on one another. Only when things get dire do they realize how much they need each other. Plus, someone’s in the woods. Someone that has only terror and pain in mind for them.

Wow! I absolutely loved everything about this book! The setting was impeccable, and I felt like everything up until the ending was completely realistic. The girls set up camp, and after a long day, they are cranky. It was all perfectly normal. The ending is where I had a bit of trouble “believing.” Honestly though, this would make for an incredible movie! I really hope to see that in the future!

The Woods Are Always Watching is available now wherever books are sold!

TW: Rape, Murder, Gore