This was a disappointment

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The woods are always watching is about two friends taking a camping/hiking trip before one goes off to college, but there something sinster in the woods.

One thing this book does is make you really feel for the characters. The moment something bad happen my heart hurt for the friends. You really understand the feelings they were having. Feeling like a friendship has a expiration date is a pretty common heart breaking feeling and it really shows in the pages.

But this book is boring. It is 100 pages of just walking, not communicating and then picking at each other. I wish we could have had some chapters where we could hear about past incidents in the woods. Multimedia would have been amazing in this book.

I felt there was not enough action/plot to balance out the character development. So why I cared for them and they felt like real people go be the actual plot was lacking.

By the time it picks it is over. I would have love more suspend in the woods, more uncomfortable and unevenness. Also hated the ending.