Such a fun read!

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How easy would it be to go into the woods and completely lose yourself? When Neela and Josie go into the woods they have no idea how things would change at that point. Prepared for a full camping trip they thought they were ready to go. Except there was a predator they weren’t prepared for.

The Woods Are Always Watching takes the fear of a deep dark woods to the next level. What the reader is left with is a pulse pounding, can’t stop turning the page read. Intense and terrifying I enjoyed this story from the safety of my couch with a blanket wrapped around me.

I have enjoyed Stephanie Perkins’ stories and I love how the covers sync up too. The bright yet creepy font pulls the reader right in. I will pick up any story from her going forward. If you’re looking for a quick yet thrilling ride of a read, this is for you. You won’t regret it but might not want to enter the woods for awhile.