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I expect a lot from this author as I really liked one of her other books, Anna and the French Kiss. However, this book was wholly disappointing. The characters weren’t very likeable, and i found the way it jumped between their perspectives obnoxious and hard to follow. I also am going to disclose that i’m not the biggest fan of thrillers, and this one is no exception.

the start of the book also had large info dumps, which i normally don’t mind if they’re interesting. the characters backstories mostly consisted of basic teenage stories, as both main characters are about to go off to college. it wasn’t interesting and didn’t deepen their characters in any important way i could see. The writing spelled everything out for me, and it was very obvious and hard to read. I got 30 pages in before i was bored. I expected a lot from Stephanie Perkins but ultimately this wasn’t for me.