a good scary story

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Sometimes you just want a good scary story about some overly confident people in the woods and the frightening stuff that inevitably happens there, and that's exactly what you're getting with this book. You see it coming, but you don't know exactly what "it" will be, you just know it will be something bad. Meanwhile, the characters don't have a clue, and you're just waiting for them to figure it out. What makes this book better than most of its kind is that the characters seem to have a genuine friendship with strengths, weaknesses, and complexities that go beyond what's happening in the woods. You don't have the feeling that they were thrown together by the author just so the scary stuff could happen to them, you actually care about them and you have the impression that they care about each other. I loved the friendship between the two girls, and it was a great decision by the author to keep the focus on that dynamic.