What a ride!

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This book is full of twists. I really had no idea how all the things unfolded until the end! We jump back and forth between Bill, Karla and Jennica and then we get snippets from interviews between the police and other people. It kept my attention since you are building your own case along with the police. I love when I cannot predict an ending. I read a lot and it sometimes seems like I have read every ending possible. I have read Nearly Normal Family by M.T. Edvardsson and I really enjoyed that book as well. His books are based in Sweden, I believe, so it takes a little getting used to, since I don't recognize any of the places and the names can be a little difficult to pronounce but I got through it fine. I would gladly read anything else he comes up with. It's mysterious and a fairly quick read. I would recommend his books to anyone who likes this genre.