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The main subject of the story is men cheating on there wives. How it effects not only the wife but the children in the family also. How a man looks at cheating and how the wife sometimes ignores its happening and goes on with her life like nothing has happened.

The author does an amazing job in this story keeping you engaged all the way through the book. I was hooked from the first chapter.

Getting to know the characters, I started out liking them and kind of feeling sorry for them. But as you continue to read and get more information about them I started to dislike them and see there flaws( like all humans have).

The story has a handful of characters and no one is perfect or innocent, which really adds to the story.

There is a a father who has lost a wife and trying very hard to make ends meet so he rents out a room to a college student. She wants to be a judge one day. They are both flawed because of the way they grew up. She works as a cleaner who cleans for a wealthy couple who have major issues of there own. And then comes in a women who was once best friends with his deceased wife and has very strong opinions on cheating husbands.

This is a fast read and read it in 2 days. Highly recommend this book. You will enjoy it!