The Woman Inside Review

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I first wanted to read this book because i am trying to read all the books i can find on this site lol but then i noticed it was also on netgalley and i was super lucky and was able to get a copy of the audiobook and i finished it all in one go!

This probably isn't a book i would re-read because or if i did it would be like years from now when i REALLY forgot what happened bc i have a feeling this will be one of the more unforgettable reads! It wasn't really anything super original granted it is a mystery but the overall story and characters were really great, i found myself listening to it out loud when my headphones died because i just had to know how it ended!!!

lol no i would highly recommend and likely even buy, just because i liked it. Great mystery/thriller that has a lot of twists and surprises. perfect for a beach read or a book club read! 4.5 stars!!