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The title of the book is very catchy. The first few parts of the book make a person think, hmmmm, who is dead, who is the killer, and why is the woman ill?

The part that confused me a bit was all the characters. I realize that the author is trying to introduce the characters to the readers, but I would have to go back and forth in the text to figure out how one character was connected to another. I was trying to keep track of who was actually on a date, if his wife is sick at home. The person he is dating, what part does she play in this? Is she also dead?

I am assuming the main characters are the people that own the big house, but could it also be the house keeper, or the girl Steven went on a date with?

I also judge a book by its cover, and I really like the cover. The colors and picture are very eye-catching. That is another reason to co it use with this book.

So many unanswered questions. I guess I will have to read the rest of the book to find out.