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I would give this one 3.75 stars, but I rounded up to 4 as this is the second novel from the author, and we all know that it can be tricky. It was a quick read, because I wanted to get to the end quickly and see what happens. Some of the character were annoying though. I wanted to tell them, so what? Move on, c'mon! They became kind of predictable soon. With an amazing title, a great cover, and a great premise, I feel like this book didn't live up to my expectations. The book goes with multiple point of views (POVs) which I always like as it keeps me intrigued. Some of the dialogues were quite funny. There were parts with twists and turns, but then there were also parts which felt a little dragged. May be this book could've been shorter and it would've helped? It gradually reveals the true personalities of each character. I would still say that the end is salifying, especially for thriller books lovers.