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I enjoyed "A Nearly Normal Family," so I was looking forward to Edvardsson's new thriller. Overall I liked "The Woman Inside" too, but I definitely wasn't as engaged with the story. I think this is mostly because I didn't care much about the characters. Karla was definitely sympathetic and her part in the story was my favorite, but the others I was very meh on. The writing also seemed a lot more meh than A Nearly Normal Family, even though they have the same translator.

The story was also much more drawn out than it needed to be. I kept reading because I was interested in how the mystery would unfold, and I thought the conclusion was interesting and surprising, but not very satisfying. There was nothing much it excelled at, and I feel like I could've read a better mystery/thriller in the time I spent on it. Definitely too long; maybe would work better for slow-burn mystery lovers.