Loved the style of the book

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A wealthy couple has been murdered. We look back at their housekeeper and those close to her during the investigation. The wife is sick in bed and the husband is becoming suspicious. The housekeeper confides in her roommate who is financially unstable.

My favorite part of this book is the style. I loved the alternating short chapters for each character. It made it very difficult to put down because you’d get excited for each person’s next part. The ending was a little convoluted and I had a hard time tracking all the sudden excitement but overall it was an enjoyable read. The investigation was interesting, as we know who died but we don't know how or why. That is for the reader to find out at the end once all is revealed.

“Maybe it’s like Waheeda says, if you want justice you have to make sure to help yourself.”

The Woman Inside comes out 6/13.