Jane Eyre meets Big Little Lies

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CW: murder, gambling addiction, drug use

A wealthy couple in one of the nicest neighborhoods in the town of Lund, Sweden have been found murdered. Bill Olsson will do anything for a better life for his daughter after his wife passes away. In order to increase his income, he welcomes a lodger to his home, a law student named Karla. Karla works as a housekeeper to make ends meet, and is the cleaner for the Rytters, who are the wealthy couple. Bill and Karla both have secrets, but are they enough to kill for?

I like the way this novel is set up. They have narratives from different characters from before the murder and police reports, newspaper articles, and police interviews from after the murder interspersed throughout. It really builds the tension of this thriller. I really enjoyed it. It reminds me a little bit of Jane Eyre crossed with Big Little Lies. Sally is probably my favorite characters because she's so naive and seems so cute. Jennica seems misunderstood as a person.