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Omg this book starts off so intriguing! I was immediately pulled in and thrown into the story. This story has the thrills and the mystery that I (and other mystery lovers) need in our lives.

The details in the story bring to life the scene- the large house and the statue - and help to put me in the book with the characters. The mystery and the thrill will pull in any reader !

Also, I for one truly enjoy the different peoples’ perspectives in stories. It is a great way to see the mystery and the plot through a new lens. It can provide further information or can be an unreliable narrator. It’s such a fun way to tell a story.

I enjoy the legal and criminal aspect. For instance the interview of Bill / the interrogation.

Overall I think this book starts off intriguing and sounds like a really great story with a solid story line. I look forward to reading the entirety of it.