Interesting Nordic thriller

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Bill Olsson is struggling to raise his daughter, Sally, after his wife passes away from a brain tumor. He adores the girl, but he's in over his head trying to pay off gambling debts along with everything else. In an attempt to make ends meet, he takes in Karla, a law student, as a lodger.

Karla works as a housekeeper for the wealthy Rytters while studying, and it soon becomes clear that things are not right in the house--Regina, the wife, is bedridden with a mysterious illness, always drugged up, and Steven, the husband, seems overly controlling. And when the couple ends up dead, things start going off the rails for Bill and Karla.

I found this to be a pretty absorbing thriller. The multi POVs were easy to follow and the excerpts of the interrogations interesting. I could never quite be sure how the murders happened until the very end, making for a satisfying read. The characters, while very flawed, felt real.

The only part that didn't sit well for me was the writing itself. It felt awkward at times, though I think that is down to the translation, rather than the writer. I'd most likely pick up his next book.

Thanks to Celadon Books and BookishFirst for providing a copy of this book to review.