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Title: The Woman Insid
Author: M. T. Edvardsson
Genre: Psychological Thriller
On Sale: June 14, 2023

•Quick Description•
Who dunnit?
POV and police interviews
Sick wives
Colliding lives

⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4 stars
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I really enjoyed the way the story was told. It was by 3 different points of view of the weeks/days leading up to the crime. It was told from a girl, the cleaner for an affluent family that is trying to make ends meet. She is a college student with an estranged mother. Next, we have a man, who is a single father trying to raise his daughter after the death of his wife. He has a gambling addiction and is trying to navigate his new normal. Lastly, the girlfriend of a man who by all accounts has a sick wife and is also trying to navigate his new normal. Plus, police interviews conducted after the crime. It was an easy read. No big twists, but I still really enjoyed it!

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