I loved it!

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Bill Olsson and his daughter, Sally, are just trying to make it through life after the death of his wife. However, he never would've predicted the outcome of renting out his spare room for extra cash. This book takes you for a twisted and well connected ride, one that will leave you guessing around every turn.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and even though it was a little long, it was a quick read. I enjoyed the story, the plot development, the suspense, etc. The interactions between characters and dialogue felt very natural and I could easily imagine the setting and characters thanks to the descriptive writing. I felt as if I knew what was coming but every chapter brought a new plot twist or development that I didn't see coming. I appreciated the different perspectives and the mix of current day and flash forwards to interrogations and media articles surrounding the crime. I would definitely recommend this book to any thriller or suspense fans!