Good thriller that kept me engrossed

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I loved A Nearly Normal Family so I was anxious to read The Woman Inside and for most of the book I was not disappointed. I liked the various characters points of view and the challenge of putting this intricate puzzle together. There are complex character connections and I had to keep notes but I was enjoying the plot and eager to get to the end. The characters were well drawn and none were especially likeable nor extremely evil - just human. Everyone had their problems and acted mainly out of despiration, especially Bill. I did think the ending was weak, however. It just wasn't what I expected so I was somewhat disappointed. I think this author is very talented and I will continue to read his works but I must admit I did like A Nearly Normal Family better than this book. Had I read this one before ANNF I may have rated it higher but ANNF raised the bar for me and I expected a more complicated and shocking ending.