Good Nordic translation

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This was a fun translation from the Swedish edition.

Told from three people’s perspectives, this story begins with the discovery of what appears to be a dual murder. The timeline is split (narrative in the past that tells the story, mixed with excerpts from police interviews after the bodies are discovered). Over time, the reader learns how the perspectives are related.

What I liked—there was a lot of intrigue throughout about how everyone knew each other (or whether they did). There was also a lot of shady behavior happening that I was certain would result in some drama.

What I didn’t love—I find that in Nordic noir translations that I’ve read, the action is less intense than in US-based thrillers. Much less confrontation, much less violence openly written about. I was very much hoping for some serious action, along with an accusatory confrontation. And it fell flat for me. I also feel like there were some parts that could have been explored further to add to the suspense/background/drama. The characters themselves were both hit and miss for me. Karla? Love her and her personal growth. Bill? Everyone has their demons. Gina? I wish we knew more about her.

Overall, a good book and a pleasant read.