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A deceptive and devious plot that thickens as fast as a runaway train.
The story is told in 4 alternative main character prospectives that leave you utterly perplexed until the very end. The writer has such talent in describing their inexplicable stories with the wonders of her pen and weaving them into one deliciously suspenseful read.

Karla, a law student distances herself from her drug-addicted mother so she can concentrate on her studies and journey to become a judge. She takes on a job as a housekeeper at a wealthy couple’s estate, where the wife, Regina is ill and never leaves her bedroom. Her husband, Steven, is a pediatrician with a philandering eye and he seems to participate in its quest for extracurricular activities. To better concentrate on her studies, Karla moves out of the school dorms and finds a room to rent at a single father, Bill Olsoons’s home. Bill just recently widowed, has a young daughter and is struggling to make ends meet.

Drama ensues when there is a theft from the residence of the wealthy couple that leads to all-out turmoil and a bunch of questions. Why is Regina so ill and always kept in her room, while her husband is up to no good? And does Karla have any involvement in the theft at their mansion? Bill, who’s out of work and desperate for cash, decides to gamble his few reserves hoping to set a more secure life for his daughter and himself.

All these lives collide when a murder takes place and brings into question whose version of the truth you choose to believe.