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I generally don't like to give a star review when I have not been able to complete a book, as one never knows what the final direction is without being able to finish it in its entirety. So please take my "star review" with a grain of salt, so to speak. I give it two, because while I don't think the writing was terrible, I also did not find it captivating and it ultimately left me feeling unengaged in the story. I can't even quite place what it is about this book, but I have opened and started several times without being able to move on to complete the book. I was thinking I'd really enjoy it based off the plot, but have been disappointed by that not being the case. I am admittedly a mood reader and sometimes I will come back to a book and complete it after having given it a go a few times sometimes, but this was just one I couldn't get myself to finish. I think there's an audience for it, just not part of it personally!