Average Read

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Overall, I would say that this was an average read for me.

The biggest thing for me was the characters--they were flat, one-dimensional, not very deep at all. While every book doesn't have to be character-driven, I felt as though the author could have fleshed the characters out so much more in this story. So because that was missing for me, it made it harder for me to really delve into this story.

A part of me liked that this was a quick and easy read. However, it was also a rather predictable read for me, and that's coming from someone who doesn't typically gravitate towards this genre. It'd not always a bad thing for a reader to predict the ending (which I did); however, if I guess correctly, I personally like there to be some element of surprise elsewhere (for example, how we get to said ending).

Anyway, I just wanted more from this story. Hopefully others who read it will enjoy it!