An exciting Nordic thriller

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I was super excited to have won this book! Thank you Bookishfirst, Goodreads, Celadon and Macmillian Publishers for the hard copy of this book and Netgalley for the ARC digital copy.
This is a first for me from this author and have been recommended to read his novel A Nearly Normal Family. Excited about the cover and how this Nordic mystery was designed into interrogations, newspaper articles and how with each new evidence proposed a new direction to solve the crime scene.

The crime scene consisted of a wealthy couple found murdered in their expansive and immaculate mansion. Investigated was their newly hired maid Karla. She is a struggling law student with high hopes of being a judge one day. She raised herself while looking after her drug addict mom. The dorm rooms are considered a party scene so she decided to look for a place off campus. What she finds is single father struggling to raise his daughter Sally and make ends meet. Under the circumstances, I pitied him for his difficulties and sympathized for Sally, but his ignorance and choices impedes his growth. He makes some bad decisions after Karla rents a room in his place to help him financially and her economically. Karla pities him, so while working for the wealthy Rytters' couple she takes jewelry from them and gives it to Bill to sell. Bill is also investigated for this crime as well as a character Jennica, who also finds herself wrapped up into the Rytters' situation.
The Rytter family has their own secrets. Before their death, Karla observes Regina Rytters in a desperate situation and drugged by her husband. She is unable to leave her house due to his controlling and obsessive behavior. There is so much more to his demeanor than meets the eye. He is not a likeable character and Regina fears she will one day be killed by him.
A great mystery to solve and the typical page-turning thriller consists of another maid that knows all their secrets.