United by Duty, Bonded by Experience: A Military Wife's Story

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The Wives provides a poignant look at the sacrifices made for love and ambition, and the power of friendship to carry one through difficult times. The author's journey, stepping away from a well-defined career path to support her husband's military aspirations, is relatable and thought-provoking. Her emotional struggle, feelings of detachment from her former life, and sense of otherness towards the spouses who comprise her new reality paint a vivid picture of what it must be like to live in the shadow of deployments and military life.

The story is an interesting exploration of a complex dynamic and offers a valuable perspective on the unspoken sacrifices behind military families. Because it’s a personal revelation and not a script for a made-for-TV movie, it tended to move slowly. The pacing added to its authenticity; however, for this reader, it made me eager to finish.