Great plot, and characters!

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I did not think I would ever get over this book! The insanity that comes with love, obsession, lust, and relationships is always mind boggling, but Greer Hendricks really put my brain in a blender with this one! The back and forth, the who is who, really made this book a TRUE suspense/thriller and I am so happy that I got to read it! The characters had so much depth that it was impossible not to feel an emotional connection with them, and to want to SCREAM "What are you thinking?!?!" more than once! Sometimes its very hard to be "satisfied" with the ending of novels, as you just want the world they create to go on infinitely, or because ends you really wanted wrapped up may not have been, but this is NOT the case with this book, while i DID NOT want it to end, i was very intrigued and satisfied with the ending! I have re read this book a few times since and it completely holds up and is still amazing