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The description says assume nothing, but me being the person I am, I did assume a few things. Especially with that title. But it doesn’t matter what I assumed or did not, because this was such a good book.

I loved it! This had so so much drama, but it was like a twisted drama if that makes any sense. A psychological drama. The blurb had me confused, and it made me unsure if I should read this or not. But i’m glad I picked it up.

Looking back, this blurb was perfect for this story. This story was confusing, in all honesty, there was so many twists and turns. There were not exactly lies not exactly truths being told by the confusing narrator.

There was something almost sly about this book, it was smart, clever and I liked that. It definitely made me much too confused at certain points, but I liked the twists and turns. It’s a good read, maybe not for everyone, but I enjoyed it.