Would Recommend!

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Wow! This book was everything that a suspense fan could dream of. This book was perfect for the month of October, as everyone is wanting to get into the spooky spirit for Halloween. This book was very creepy and chilling, and entranced me from the moment I picked it up.

I was first drawn to the book by the cover- putting to death the myth that you cannot judge a book by its cover. I thought that the artwork on the cover was very beautiful and intriguing, and the name of the book only enticed me more. Once I actually began to read the story, I was enthralled by the world that the author had weaved.

As a general rule, I try to not read anything that is too creepy. I think that this was the perfect level of spooky for a suspense reader. The little boy in the novel, Jake, was such a cool character and a brave boy. This book did set me on edge a bit in my normal life, but what more could you want!?! Would HIGHLY recommend.