This was super good!

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I am not normally a fan of horror, I’ve never even watched a legit horror movie or read really a horror book that actually served to spook me. But oh my god, this was absolutely scary. I am not leaving anything open, any doors or windows in my house open at night.

This story is eerie and spook, and even unsettling but I loved every minute of it. It had such a nice pacing that actually really added overall to the spookiness of this book. It was well balanced throughout the novel, which was wonderful.

I also like the kid bond thing that was going on, it was cute to read. This is about a series of murders and the only clue is really just a man that whispers in the night. The title is “The Whisper Man” for a reason. This book had me hooked, it was so realistic.

The characters were like able, and the plot was simply amazing. Highly recommend if you’re in the mood for a scare!