This Book Was Like Reading a Whisper

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THE WHISPER MAN by Alex North started out with much promise. A man, Tom Kennedy, and his son, Jake, are still reeling after the unexpected loss of their wife and mother. Along with that loss comes the trauma of Jake finding her lifeless body. This leaves Tom alone to raise his son - something he isn't sure he can do well by himself due to past family trauma of his own. When Tom and Jake move to a new, seemingly quiet town, things grow increasingly tense between the two. Some of this is in response to a series of child abductions and murders. Murders that should be impossible because a man killed like this once before, but that man is also now in prison... so who is doing the killing?

I was excited to get into this one, but despite all the intense drama surrounding this family, it stayed pretty monotone throughout the whole story. Even as we are following a child murderer.