The Whisper Man is Here

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I don't think I was quite prepared for just how creepy and eerie this book was. Tom and his son Jake decide to move to a new town after the death of his wife to heal and have a new beginning. But things start to turn when Tom learns of past crimes of the town and the new friend Jake has made, one that isn't there. Reading this book at night certainly took it to another dimension, the whispering was enough to enough for the panic to settle in with the reader and be immersed in the atmosphere along with the characters. I had my window open when I was reading this and I could've swore I heard whispering, it was enough to make me shut it! There were some plot reveals that I didn't see coming which is always a nice surprise. I thought Jake and Tom as characters were well though out and the dynamic between the two did well for the story and was believable. Highly recommend for anyone who likes a slow settling eerie thriller!