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The Whisper Man by Alex North (narrated by Christopher Eccleston) was both darkly creepy and paced really well. There were no slow parts and the story moved along at the perfect speed.

Try as I might I couldn’t work out who the killer was until the end and I enjoyed both the story and the writing. I will say that if you have young children (as I do) you might find this book a bit much to read. The thought of someone luring away my own daughter is a thought too terrifying to contemplate and this book certainly puts that front and center in your mind.

I read part of the physical book and then listened to the rest on audiobook during a long drive. As much as I love Christopher Eccleston as an actor I didn’t enjoy his reading of this book. It felt very monotone and like he was reading rather than narrating (if that makes sense) without injecting any personality into the characters.