Scary, Frightful and A+

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“…….the Whisper Man will come for you”

Read this book as part of my “read scary stuff in October and be freaked out” TBR. And freaked out I was! This book has enough creep factor in it, to keep me reading way past my bedtime and I SWORE I could hear whispering! Part police procedural, thriller, and all around good scare!

Tom is a recently widowed father to Jake who decides to move to a new house for a fresh start, things are not going as planned when he learns of a recently kidnapping and his child starts talking to someone that is clearly not there……The author does some amazing work scaring and freaking the reader out all in one!

Couple of reveals I wasn’t expecting, lots of scares and just an all around great read for a dark, quiet night….Highly recommend!