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When I first heard about the Whisper Man I was hesitant to pick it up! The Whisper Man has a background of a serial killer who had abducted five children by "whispering to them through their window" and murdering them. We fast forward to present time when our main character and his son move into the town Featherbank. They know nothing of the creepy past just looking for a new start in life after the death of his wife. When the main character settles down a boy has been abducted. We go throughout the story learning about the creepy past and how it has started all over again. Yes I had to read this during the day from how creepy the writing style was. The author had a way of making you feel like you were there and hearing the Whisper Man. The mystery will stay throughout the book and keep you on your feet! I would recommend if you love thrillers/ mystery! I can not wait for his new book this year!